Each grape variety we grow is carefully selected to accommodate the terroir of our site and produce excellent quality wine. 



-- Chardonnay --

This green skinned grape was originated in the Burgundy wine region of Eastern France, and is known worldwide for producing elegant white wines.  Chardonnay has a bit of an oak flavor to it, so some winemakers allow it to age in oak barrels, unlike most white wines.

-- Riesling --

This white variety originated in the Rhine region of Germany, and produces dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines.  Riesling gives off flowery aromas, and has a high acidity.  Unlike Chardonnay it is rarely aged in oak during the winemaking process. 

-- White Barbera --

The white variety of the red Barbera. White Barbera gives off an aroma of a beautiful bouquet of fruit. On the palate you will find the flavors of mild grapefruit and mild citrus. Aging in a stainless steel tank allows it mature quicker than its red variety brother.

-- Sauvignon Blanc --

-- Pinot Grigio --

-- Gruner Ventliner --



Current Prices

Riesling – $18

Sauvignon Blanc –  $19

Pinot Grigio – $19

Chardonnay – $21

Chardonnay (oak) – $24